Welcome to 2022.

Although we’d have hoped to have seen the back of the Covid virus and its various mutations, this is still affecting the lives of many. Regulations vary globally with some making working from home obligatory, relatives being locked down again in care homes and our freedom to travel still restricted. The vaccination programme globally continues although not at the same rates. We’ve seen restrictions on movement requiring a Covid passport before access is granted to certain venues in some countries and different advice being given out daily even within the same country, never mind globally. No wonder we are confused, some still scared and we can’t have access to our usual network of friends and family which in turn is causing stress.

Thankfully our partners within the industry are addressing some of these issues via benefit additions and webinars: please see below the ways they are responding and innovating to cater for our changing needs in these changing and challenging times:

⭐️AXA has introduced their MindHealth benefit which is now included in their range of plans and they run webinars on Mental Health and Virtual Health. Recognising that not everyone can or wants to attend a doctor’s surgery in person, they provide a virtual doctor benefit – Doctor in Your Pocket:
Online Doctor Service
Mind Health Services

⭐️ has introduced their Lifeworks assistance programme together with their Global Virtual Care. They include experts on their panels in their Perspective webinars.:
Bupa Lifeworks
Global Virtual Care

⭐️ Cigna is planning another webinar Stress Care for the Hybrid Working World and have produced studies, such as that shown in the link below:
Global Impact Study
Mental Health Programmes

These are just examples and some of the reasons we partner with these providers to ensure all our needs are catered for. It also demonstrates our commitment to all our clients that we will work with partners with whom we have synergies and aligned ethics.

At Sovereign Insurance Services Limited we are:
*Listening to you
* Understanding your needs and concerns
* Planning a solution to address your needs
* Delivering that solution and being there for you

To find out how we can help, just send us a message or contact +350 200 52908 / sisenquiries@sovereigngroup.com / www.sis.gi