It’s a very long time since the human race has had to live through such challenging and ever changing times. So used are we to our liberty and our freedom of choice, that when it’s taken away from us it has challenged mentally even those who normally thrive on adversity.

Some studies suggest that actually those who appear to thrive on challenge can be masking high performance anxiety. Working from home creates difficulties for those who normally thrive in a team environment, where each team player brings their set of skills to complement the team. Having to adjust to bringing a team level performance to an individual can cause high anxiety and more so when the usual communication channels are disrupted by this new working environment. Face to face is normal to us. Online meetings, however, can be tricky as the focus is directly on the participants at all times and with a personal and private focus directly from inside the participants’ homes. Not everyone is comfortable sharing their personal space nor comfortable in front of a camera.

Many companies now are looking at hybrid solutions. For some this causes even more of a challenge. Not only are they sharing their personal and private space online when working from home, but the office environment may be changing to ‘hot desks’ so even in the office there are no ‘safe’ spaces.

Let’s not forget people’s ambitions. Employees, at whatever level, need to know they are supported, listened to, that their well-being is important and there is an active interest in their productivity and personal development. These are challenges to be understood and need to be addressed to reduce stress and improve the well-being of the workforce.

Studies are ongoing, many are being done by the insurers and others by dedicated institutes to the understanding of the human mind, etc. There are just a few examples below, which you can access by clicking on the links:

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