Sovereign Insurance Services - Supporting UK & Gibraltar Brokers

We can support UK & Gibraltar based Brokers

Our team is regulated in Gibraltar & Malta with the ability to passport throughout the EU

Are your clients asking how you will cover their EU assets and liabilities?

Sovereign can assist you to ensure your clients remain covered and provide peace of mind.

Why work with Sovereign Insurance Services?

First Class Service

We guarantee to work with you to help service and facilitate your clients’ EU risks.


Based in Gibraltar and Malta, we deal with all major insurers and facilities locally and across the UK and EU.


We are the Sovereign Group

As part of the Sovereign Group, we can provide you and your clients access to a wealth of services from Pensions and Wealth Management to Yacht and Aircraft Registration

I was impressed with the range of products Sovereign Insurance and the wider Sovereign Group can offer its clients. I wanted to be able to offer my existing clients the best of what is available, whilst having the regulatory ability to expand my services, whether in Gibraltar or Spain.  I am sure that this alliance is the springboard to greater success for both parties
Anthony Russo

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