Kidnap & Ransom Insurance

Solutions for the Individual, Family, Corporate & Marine risks.

Kidnap & Ransom “K&R” has become an increasing problem that has to be seriously considered by an increasing number of people in today’s society. The worsening economic problems worldwide and the fact that K&R is becoming justified as a socially acceptable crime amongst the less privileged means an increased risk to the wealthier elements of society.

Our services for the High Net Worth individual, family, corporate and marine risks include full K&R insurance coverage, risk assessment, risk management strategies and access to tailored security services as required.

If you are interested in considering a K&R policy for yourself, your family or your business we have a secure email address where the enquiry will be dealt with the utmost confidentiality and discretion. Once contact is established, on-going communications with the Sovereign K&R team will be direct and strictly confidential. The existence of a K&R policy will never be acknowledged outside of our specialist personnel.

If Risk Assessment/Management Reports or Security Services are required please email for advice and quotations. Again, all enquiries will be on a strictly confidential basis.

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