Private Clients

Living room of a luxury home
Luxury homes on the edge of a marina where yacht are moored

Homes, Cars and Collections

Our range of bespoke insurance products for our Private Clients allows you to insure your homes, contents, collections and cars with one insurer. This means that our Private Clients benefit from extensive insurance coverage with one policy renewal date and one premium payable.   The extensive experience and skills within the team at Sovereign Insurance Services means we understand that each of our client’s insurance requirements are unique and individual. Our range of bespoke insurance products enables us to tailor an international insurance programme to reflect our client’s lifestyle.  This includes a complimentary risk management service well as a concierge
approach to the settlement of claims.

With extensive benefits for collectors of fine art, antiques, cars, jewellery and watches, these products are another example of our innovative approach to the insurance needs of our clients: providing service where it is needed and insurance solutions designed to reflect the complex lifestyle of a high net worth client.

Sovereign Insurance Services are the leading provider of motor insurance for owners of high value cars and collections in Gibraltar. We can provide cover for Gibraltar, Malta, UK, Spain and Portugal-plated vehicles.  We have the ability in some cases to insure these vehicles under one policy, with the one renewal date, alongside our clients’ homes.  This type of policy is available exclusively through ourselves in Gibraltar, thereby providing our Private Clients with a host of benefits and levels of protection not available elsewhere.


Private Medical Insurance

High quality Private Medical insurances plans are available through ourselves at Sovereign Insurance Services covering both individuals and their immediate families.

Because of our experience and expertise in this particular field, we have developed strong relationships with leading insurers who provide extensive and bespoke private medical insurance plans around the globe.  Sovereign Insurance Services are therefore able to provide specifically tailored healthcare solutions to meet a client’s requirements, which is crucial in this sensitive class of business.

As well as providing a first-class service at an affordable premium, these solutions are packed with invaluable healthcare benefits, meaning the policy can respond to the small problems such as paying for prescription drugs, right through to reacting to serious events and conditions such as providing surgery, cancer care or evacuation.

Our extensive range of healthcare programmes will ensure you and your family are protected when they need it most.


To find out about our Preferential Global Healthcare agreement, click here.


Yacht Insurance

Yachts, especially superyachts, are among the most luxurious and expensive assets in the world but they operate in an environment that is full of natural and manmade hazards, from extreme weather events to collision and piracy. Insuring your boat properly is an essential part of mitigating the risk of financial or material losses.

There is no standard policy when it comes to yacht insurance. The required cover will vary on a case-by-case basis but should generally be tailored to protect everything from the yacht itself, to the guests, crew and third parties, equipment and tenders, as well as the contents and furnishings on board, including fine art and luxury items.

The type of insurance policy required and its costs will be affected by a number of different factors, including the size, age and type of vessel, its value, where it will be cruising, the number and nationalities of the crew, anticipated movements by third-party carriers, shipyard protection, finance arrangements and survey requirements.

All yacht insurance packages should offer liability insurance coverage, or Protection and Indemnity (P&I), to insure the owner’s legal liability against third parties, guests and crew, as well as more specialist cover including war risks and piracy, kidnap and ransom insurance and crew medical expenses coverage.

Exceptional yachts require specialised insurance protection – Sovereign Insurance Services are well positioned to help, using the strong relationships we have with leading underwriters, enabling us to tailor bespoke insurance products to meet the needs of the discerning yacht owner.

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